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 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rulling

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Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rulling Empty
PostSubject: Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rulling   Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rulling EmptySat Apr 16, 2011 9:14 pm


Just need to clarify a question regarding Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rulling.
Player A owns both Kinetic Soldier and Neo-Spacian Grand Mole in this gameplay scenario.

Monster Effect of Neo Spacian Grand Mole is,
If this card battles with your opponent's monster, you can return both monsters to their OWNER's hands at the start of the Damage Step (without damage calculation).

When you start a Duel, you are the owner of all the cards in your Extra Deck, Main Deck, Side Deck, and during the Duel, the cards in your Graveyard. While your opponent may briefly become the controller of one of your cards, they can never become the owner. If a card is sent from the field to the Hand, Deck, Graveyard, Removed From Play Zone, etc., these cards always go to their owner's zone, even if they were controlled by another player.

Turn 1
Player A plays Kinetic Soldier

Turn 2
Player B's turn, Kinetic Solider gets destroyed by Player B's Dark Hole. Player B Monster Reborn Kinetic Soldier to his side of the field.

Turn 3
Player A plays Neo-Spacian Grand Mole and attacks Kinetic Soldier and wants to return both monster to hand before battle step calculation.

Which Resolution is the correct one? Please advise, Thanks...

Resolution 1: Both Neo-Spacian Grand Mole and Kinetic Soldier gets returned to Player A's hand?
Resolution 2: Neo-Spacian Grand Mole returns to player A hand and Kinetic Soldier returns to player B hand?
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Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rulling Empty
PostSubject: Re: Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rulling   Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rulling EmptySat Apr 16, 2011 9:47 pm

Both go to A
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Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rulling
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