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 Tournament Posting Rules & Regulations[updated 1/1/11]

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Tournament Posting Rules & Regulations[updated 1/1/11] Empty
PostSubject: Tournament Posting Rules & Regulations[updated 1/1/11]   Tournament Posting Rules & Regulations[updated 1/1/11] EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 12:12 pm

starting from 1/1/11
All tourney events are to include rarities and language of the prizes given out, the only exception to this rule is applied to asia/worlds official event.

1st Post: Rules and Reg for posting in Tournament Section
2nd post: Card Shop Venue

Mod Sticky for future ref. Thanks =D

Guidelines for Hosting Tournament thread on sg-ygo.

1. Specify the following ( Preferably at the start of the post.)

a) Place/venue
b) Time
c) Entry fee
d) Date
e) Format of Tournament play: Swiss, Double or single eli, tag, KOF or even Highlander.
f) Format of Gameplay : March or September Banlist ( Insert Year here.) or even a custom list if you want.

2. Prize Structure

a) Prize pool

- One of the most common forms of Prizes in Singapore Yugioh Tournaments.


A Pool of cards are used as Prizes and depending on the amount of participants for the Tourney the prizes, pool size and Pool threshold are subject to change.

Prizes: Cards selected by Organizer to serve as Prizes for winners or people who scrub in Top rounds.

Pool size : The size of the Amount of prizes . Maximum is usually around 8, if Pool size is 4 or less then Pool will be considered as a fixed prize structure and not Prize pool structure.

Pool threshold : Depending on the amount of Participants , this is subject to change. Example: 16 to 20 participants attended your Tourney, hence Prize pool is changed from Top 4 to Top 8 . Pool threshold is widened!

Tips for Prize pool structure cyclops :

Be clear on the prizes early on, if there are any changes to the pool , you HAVE to update the thread and post on the update ( Note: this is not considered bumping!)


Fixed Prize Structure:

Prizes that are set in place and position.


1st place- Starlight Road ( jap) ( ultra)

2nd Place- EHERO Great Tornado+ 1 PP12 Pack

3rd Place- 1 Parallel world fusion + 2 Gold series 2 Packs

Tips for fixed Prize structure :

Have a clear and fair balance for the Prizes.

Do not have a large gap in prize value .


1st Prize- 1 Starlight Road ( Jap) ( secret)

2nd Prize - Kinder Bueno ( White Chocolate.) ( english) ( rare)

3rd Prize - 3 D. Prison ( jap) ( foil)

2nd Prize is unbalanced , 2nd position is flawed.

Lastly for Prizes:

Make sure you can give the Real deal, do not give Proxies or badly conditioned cards as the top prizes as it reflects badly on your character. And it will make people who did not scrub really ANGRY!!!! WARGH!!


3. Taking feedback and thread management.

Be open to feedback, do not be harsh when dealing with people who just want to help you.

Be tolerant if a local spammer or hater lurks on your thread, should it persist for more than 3 days PM a mod or something.

Do not Bump your thread, Bumping is reserved for Trade threads. The structure is as follows:

Trade thread : Bump to push to the top of latest topics

Deck thread: Help or opinion asking.

Tourney thread: Update to details .


Do not steal or replicate Tourney details from other Already existing or completed Tourney threads.

Once a Tourney date is over , edit the title with ( completed) or ( failed) or even ( postponed) , for ( postpone) do alert the thread 2 to 3 days prior the actual Tournament.

Make sure the locals ( card shop) your Tourney is being held is available, it helps to build rapport with the shop owner in case you need to host again in future.

Do not purposely instigate competition or steal publicity from other existing Tourney threads that occur on the same date.

Example : Advertising your tourney on another Tourney thread.

Be clear and concise in your Tournament details. ( Especially in aspects like Entry fee and venue etc.)


Should a Tourney fail due to lack of participants, do not feel discouraged!

4 . For commentators on the thread

a) Do not instigate a forum fight.

b) Do not pester the thread on a daily basis with nothing useful to say

c) Do give good feedback and not bad feedback like " change location to my void deck la!"

d) Do not advertise if your hosting another Tourney in THIS Forum . ( Host tourney on Pojo also can, but not many would want to fly from Europe, Canada or America to Singapore to join.)

e) Do not post a full scale Tourney Report on the thread once its completed, thats for Scrubbing days and
( insert stuff here) blog .

Final rules:

You can talk fun and casual stuff , just no flames, not too much spam and don't offend anyone to the point of online crying.

Do not have a misleading title for a Tournament thread like " Hey you! Wanna win a Starlight road?"

Example of a Tournament thread's title:

Jurong west Tournament 31/12/3017

Tew Yee Tournament 41/91/109084

Have fun and maybe you will stop scrubbing at Tournaments ^^


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Tournament Posting Rules & Regulations[updated 1/1/11]
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