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PostSubject: Hall Of Fame   Hall Of Fame EmptySun Jul 05, 2009 12:10 pm

This thread is to keep those names which made to top 4 or 8  in official events.

*some names are missing ,mods if u can update with those names,just go ahead  Hall Of Fame Icon_biggrin *
HALL OF FAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2013 Singapore Team tourney Championship @ SGCardmart
1st -
2nd -
3rd -
4th -

2013 Singapore World Championship @ SGcardmart
1st - William Oh (Incarnate Dragons)
2nd - Wesly seek (Incarnate Dragons)
3rd - Yong Wei Ann (Incarnate Dragons)
4th - Jeff (Incarnate Dragons)

2013 Singapore Asia Championship @ cardmart
1st - Kenneth Koh (Incarnate Dragons)
2nd - Ng Nian Jie (Incarnate Dragons)
3rd - Wesley Seek (Incarnate Dragons)
4th - Tay Yong Jie (Fire Fist - Lv 4 build)

2012 Singapore Team tourney Championship @ SGCardmart
1st - Bixuan (SG Best Mermail),Johann (SG Best Dark World), William (Hero)
2nd - Kenneth Koh (hanzo mermai) ,Samuel (lightlord), Xiaomei (hero)
3rd - Shaun Lim (Declarer agent) , Shaun Lin (Darkworld) , Weiann (Hero)
4th - Tan Yong Chin (Dragon Exodia), Sean Tan (Inzektor), Luke Lim (Angel Agent)

2012 Singapore World Championship @ SGcardmart
1st - Wesley Seek (Inzektors)
2nd - Tan Wan Xin (Hanzo Hieratic)
3rd - Lim Poh Seng (Machina Gadget)
4th - Bryan Chua (Inzektors)

2012 Singapore Asia Championship  Regional Finals @ Singapore Scape

1st - Jeff Soh Jun Yuan (Inzektors)
2nd - Kenneth Koh (Hieratic)
3rd - Jonathan Edsel Gozon (Rabbit laggia)
4th - Lee Seong-Hun (Inzektors)

2012 Singapore Asia Championship @ Scape
1st - Kenneth Koh (Hieratic)
2nd - Calvin Ang (Hieratic)
3rd - Ryan Stark  (Rabbit Laggia)
4th - Wesley Seek (Inzektors)

2011 Singapore Team tourney Championship @ Cheng San Community Club
1st - William OH (TG agent), Nianjie (Rabbit raggia), Daniel (GB)
2nd - Jonas (TG angel), Ruifeng (Darkworld), chow wing (GK)
3rd - Kaven (Darkworld), Junqi (Karakuri), Lauren (Pure Agent)
4th - Kenneth (Dark world), Samuel (GB), KY (Angel)

2011 Singapore World Championship @ CardMaster
1st: Daniel (Grave BF)
2nd: Kaven (Offering Gadget)
3rd: DS (Karakuri)
4th: William (Machina gadget)

2011 Singapore Asia Championship Finals @ Malaysia
Champion : Singapore - Soh Jun Yuan (Junk Debris)
1st Runner-up : Korea - Noh Jea-Yeong (Six Samurai)
2nd Runner-up : Taiwan - Hsiao Wei Liu (?)
Fourthplace : Malaysia - 順利(Sung Lee) (Junk doppel)

2011 Singapore Asia Championship @ CardMaster
1st: Jeff (BlackWing)
2nd: Bryan Tew (BlackWing)
3rd: Shelton (6 samurai)
4th: Milton (BlackWing)

2010 Singapore Team Tourney @ GAMESHAVEN
1st: jeff/xm/baha
2nd: cassandra/potato/guanji
3rd: mog/bryan/jerermy
4th: david /terence/jun

2010 Singapore World Championship @ POMO
1st: Jeremy (Machina Gadget)
2nd: Jerric (BlackWing)
3rd: Shifu (LightSworn)
4th: Alex goh (BlackWing)

2010 Singapore Asia championship @ SMU
1st:  Leon (LightSworn)
2nd: Yongxiang (Grave BlackWing)
3rd:  Shu miao (Lightsworn)
4th: Alex (Twlight Lightsworn)

2009 Words championship @ JAPAN
季軍:Roy St. Clair(美國)

2009 singapore worldchamp @ SMU
1st: Benjamin-bf
2nd: MAX-bf
3rd: Rui feng-bf
4th: John-akb

2009 singapore asia champ @ SMU
1st Alex-bf
2nd Xuankai-destiny synchro
3rd Sam-bf
4th Sebastion-destiny synchro

2008 singapore Xmas team tourney @ SMU
1st team?? yijie/alex/kevin
2nd ???

2008 singapore world champ @ ????
1st Bahamut-victory viper otk
2nd Yulong-undead
3rd Sebastion-gb
4th Benjamin-lightlord

2008 ASIA championship @ riverview hotel
1st Hongli
2nd Sui kai
3rd Yulong
4th Shifu

2008 singapore asia championship @ riverview hotel
1st Shifu
2nd Yulong
3rd Hong li
4th Sui kai

2007 singapore Xmas tourney @ river view hotel
1st Yongsiang
2nd Shifu

2007 singapore world championship @ suntec
1st Jun cai-gadget
2nd Yijie-emperor
3rd Tony
4th Bao choon

2007 singapore asia championship @ concourse
1st Jimmy
2nd Guodong-baboon
3rd Bahamut
4th Eddie

2006 singapore world championship @ suntec
1st Nicholas
2nd Xiao an

March 2006 @ Funan IT Mall
1st Xiao Mei,Gadget
2nd Bryan
3rd Ah Yong
4th -

July 2005 (Singapore World Championship Qualifier 2005)
1st - Jeff
2nd - Fish
3rd - DS
4th -

March 2005 (Singapore Asian Championship Qualifier 2005)
1st - Dr.Brainy
2nd -
3rd -
4td -

January 2005
1st -
2nd -
3rd -
4th -

June 2004
1st -
2nd -
3rd -
4th -

March 2004 (Singapore Asian Championship Qualifier 2004)
1st - Miyamoto
2nd - Jeff
3rd - Lightstar_EX
4th - Bulaidi

December 2003
1st -
2nd -
3rd -
4th -

June 2003
1st -
2nd - DS
3rd -
4th -

March 2003
1st - JK2001
2nd - Charles
3rd - Akira

December 2002
1st - Xuan Yu
2nd - Seahorse
3rd - Stanley

June 2002
1st - Ansomore
2nd - Bulaidi
3rd - Miyamoto

March 2002
1st - Elson
2nd - Akira
3rd - Sekundes

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Yea . U also one of his puppet and all the player present on that day were all actors . Nice movie director .


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Everyone has a mask. And we have more than a mask. It's nothing to do with split personalities, just that we play too many roles in life.

A husband / father / son cannot play his 3 roles with the same mask. It'll be so weird!

But my question is, what is me behind my labels and my masks?
What is the real me?
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