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 Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!!

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Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!! Empty
PostSubject: Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!!   Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!! EmptyThu Jul 05, 2012 7:46 pm

Hi everyone we have upgraded the shop to serve you better, now we have more space for everyone =) and there will be a new system for my shop now, here are the following that has changed:

Cardfight Vanguard 100% FOIL LUCKY DRAW each for $4(NOTE MAY HAVE CHANCE OF GETTING SP!!!)

Bushiroad change point system:

About this system, on the day you change your points your item will be here latest by 1 month earliest 1 week
once it has come we will inform you by your contact number and PLEASE come and collect it by 1 month!!!!

Bushiroad tournaments:

There will be Cardfight Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz and Victory Spark Tournament
I will be updating on this website:
For Cardfight Vanguard:https://sg-ygo.forumotion.com/f29-cardfight-vanguard-tournaments-and-events
For Weiss Schwarz:https://sg-ygo.forumotion.com/f7-wei946-schwarz-tournament-events
For Victory Spark:http://forums.sgcafe.com/victory-spark-discussion/

We are still Selling this product:

Weiss Schwarz(Jap Only):
Evangelion Booster
Nanoha A's Booster
Angel Beats Extra Booster
Angel Beats and CW Booster
Bakemonogatari Booster/TD
Nichijo Extra Booster
Guilty Crown Booster
Madoka Booster/TD
Marcross Frontier Booster
Shakugan no shana Booster
P4 TV Extra Booster/TD
Fate Zero Extra Booster
Dog Days Extra Booster/TD
Zero no Tsukaima Extra Booster/ TD
Senki Zesshō Symphogear Booster
Accel World TD (25/8/2012)
Fate Zero Booster (Coming soon)
Sword Art Online (Coming soon)

Victory Spark:
Boku wa tomodachi
Tales of Xilla
Ro Kyu Bu!
Shining blade
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Booster(7/7/2012)/TD
Mirai Nikki TD(4/8/2012)/ Extra Booster(1/9/2012)
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Extra Booster (1/9/2012)

Cardfight Vanguard!!(Jap Only):
TD 01
TD 02
TD 05
TD 06
TD 07 (11/8/2012)
Booster pack vol 1
Booster pack vol 2
Booster pack vol 3
Booster pack vol 4
Booster pack vol 5
Booster pack vol 6
Booster pack vol 7 (7/7/2012)
Booster pack vol 8 (22/9/2012)
Extra booster vol 1
Extra booster vol 2
Extra booster vol 3

how to come here: From Yishun Interchange take 812 bus( White Background with 851 bus) after that 6 bus stop u will reach 760 cross over the small road near the bus stop there is a stair way going up then u will see card sanctuary there.

Please come and buy our Bushiroad stuff

Thanks You for supporting Bushiroad and Card Sanctuary!!=)
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Trainee Duelist

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Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!!   Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!! EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 1:20 pm

Hi mind sms me at 96245824 for your full address? thanks
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Junior Duelist
Junior Duelist

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Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!!   Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!! EmptyThu Feb 14, 2013 2:06 pm

hi can u sms me ur address ?? u will love to have me thr to boost ur WS business and VS too!! Smile sean here Smile i might be interested buying by carton:) (also interested in ur items Smile
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Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!!   Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!! Empty

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Card Sanctuary (Yishun) has upgraded!!!
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