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 Exodia fun fun deck

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Exodia fun fun deck Empty
PostSubject: Exodia fun fun deck   Exodia fun fun deck EmptyWed Apr 09, 2008 4:14 pm

la la la i made this deck for fun =D


1x exodia
1x left arm
1x right arm
1x left leg
1x right leg
2x emissary of the afterlife
2x malicious
1x diskguy
2x knight of the end
2x fear monger
1x sangan
1x spirit reaper
1x marshmallon

2x destiny draw
1x heavy storm
1x monster reborn
1x premature burial
2x foolish burial
1x feather of the phoenix
1x monster recarnation
1x MST
1x hand destruction

1x gravity bind
1x CCV
3x solemn judgment
1x divine wrath
3x limit reverse
3x angel lift (new card from duelist genesis)
1x torrential tribute
1x mirror force

1x emisarry of the afterlife
2x divine wrath
1x card destruction
1x feather of the phoenix
3x backup soldier
1x knight of the end
1x wall of revealing light
1x swords of revealing light
3x cyber vary

can work mah? nid ur opinions xD
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Exodia fun fun deck
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