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 Vanguard tourment Audio Ventura

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Vanguard tourment  Audio Ventura Empty
PostSubject: Vanguard tourment Audio Ventura   Vanguard tourment  Audio Ventura EmptyThu Mar 21, 2013 8:06 pm

Venue: Audio Ventura Trading Blk 716 Amk Ave 6
Date: 23 March 2013
Entrance fee: $3
*Registration Stop at: 2pm

Top 4 Prizes:
1st - 1 EB 06
2nd - 10 Pack of EB 06
3rd - 5 Pack of EB 06
4th - 3 Pack of EB 06

Will Have Lucky Draw

Format will be in Single Elimination (One Match Best Out Of 3)

Rules are:
> Normal deck rules 50 cards 16 triggers max of 4 cards per copy only are allowed.
> Japanese Restriction List Apply this tourney
> BARCGAL is banned as starting vanguard.
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Vanguard tourment Audio Ventura
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