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 Vanguard Tag Team Tournament @ Delightful Times, 06 Jan 13

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Dane Delightful Times
Dane Delightful Times

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PostSubject: Vanguard Tag Team Tournament @ Delightful Times, 06 Jan 13   Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:24 am

Venue: Delightful Times ( Blk 156 Yishun Street 11 #01-110 S760156 )
Date: 06 Jan 2013
Entrance fee: $15 per team
Registration: 2:00PM 2:30PM
Entry Gift: 1 Jap PR Pack

Winner: 1 Box of BT09
* Prize may increase depends on the no. of teams participate

> Team of 2 players
> Each player must have one deck
> Players may decide the following before the game starts:
1) to discuss OR
2) look at each other's hand during the game

How to WIN:
> Team with a combination of 9 or more damages lose the game OR
> Team with the fighter that have 0 card left in his/her deck lose the game

Tag fight rule:
> Each fighters have 1 field but the damage zone will be shared by the team
e.g. Fighter on the right can use the damage zone of the fighter on the left
e.g. In order for the heal trigger to activate total damages between the teams will be used as comparison instead of individual players
e.g. Limit break activates by the total amount of damages of both players
> Fighters can only attack the opposing fighter infront
> When being attacked the team mate may call a unit onto the guardian zone from hand to help
*Intercept is NOT allowed
> Counterblast and Soulblast cost are shared between the team members.
e.g. Soul saviour dragon needs to SoulBlast 5 to activate it's skill, fighter may soulblast 3 from his/her own soul and use soulblast 2 from his/her team mate's soul.

Delightful Times | Blk 156 Yishun St11 #01-110 S'pore 760156
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Vanguard Tag Team Tournament @ Delightful Times, 06 Jan 13
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