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 English Vanguard Tournament @ Sengkang 29th July

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PostSubject: English Vanguard Tournament @ Sengkang 29th July    Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:40 am

Sunday, 29th July 2012
Sengkang Community Hub (Near Sengkang MRT)
We will be playing at the table and benches near where the pushcarts are.
Tourney begins at 2pm.


Registration Fee: $5 per player

Prizes (BT02/BT06/EB03 Boosters)
1st Place: 5 Boosters.
2nd Place: 4 Boosters.
3rd Place: 3 Boosters.
4th->Last Place: at least 1 Booster each.

Will increase depending on turnout.
Min 5 Players.
*Only English cards will be allowed in the tournament.

From Sengkang MRT Station, exit compass point from the Starbucks or an exit just beside it located on the first floor. Cross the road and you will reach Sengkang Community Hub. Continue towards a coffee shop/cafe? and we are located near the pushcarts table and benches area!

Do come on down even if you do not wish to join the tournament as there are casual players. You can just play and enjoy Cardfight! Vanguard as well!
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English Vanguard Tournament @ Sengkang 29th July
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