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 Vanguard Tournament at Yishun(Delightful Times), 8 july(Sun)

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Dane Delightful Times
Dane Delightful Times

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PostSubject: Vanguard Tournament at Yishun(Delightful Times), 8 july(Sun)   Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:01 pm

Venue : Delightful Times ( Blk 156 Yishun Street 11 #01-110 S760156 )
Date : 8 July 2012
Entrance fee is $6
Registration: 2.00PM 2.30PM

Top 4 Prize(if have 10 ppl):
1-15 pack of BT07
2-8 pack of BT07
3-4 pack of BT07
4-3 pack of BT07

Top 4 Prize(if have 18 ppl)
1-1 box of BT07
2-15 pack of BT07
3-9 pack of BT07
4-6 pack of BT07

-All Booster Packs given as prize are from new box.
-Prizes will increase in value if more people turn out on the tournament date.
-1 Booster packs ( of your choice )will be given to players if they are knock out without any win achieved, ( Meaning 2/3 round in a match = 1 win)
-Depending on numbers of player turnout, lucky draws will be given to those players who are not included in top 4.
-Stuffs which are in lucky draw pool are > Booster Pack/Playmat/Etc

Rules are :
-Korean language cards are not allowed.
-Japanese and English cards are allowed.
-Normal deck rules 50 cards 16 triggers max of 4 cards per copy only are allowed
-Format will be in Grouping/Swiss depending on turnout( in random by host ) where by loser will still stand a chance to make a come back.
-Changing of decks after the start of the tournament is not allowed and will be DQ.
-No 3rd layer of sleeves are allow
-Barcgal is banned as starting vanguard for japanese user.
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Vanguard Tournament at Yishun(Delightful Times), 8 july(Sun)
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