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 Vanguard Tourney

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Vanguard Tourney  Empty
PostSubject: Vanguard Tourney    Vanguard Tourney  EmptySun May 27, 2012 11:49 pm

Date:29 of May 2012
Entrance fee is $8
Registration:12.00PM 12.45PM
Door gift will be 1 pack of your choice
Venue:235 Yishun Street 21 760235

Top 4 Prize Pool (if have 10 ppl):
1-Spectral Duke Dragon
2-Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor
3-Circular Saw, Kiriel

Top 8 Prize Pool(if have 18 ppl)
1-Spectral Duke Dragon
2-Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor
3-Circular Saw, Kiriel
5-Halo Shield, Mark
6-Warlord Phantom, Master Beetle
7-Knight of the White Dragon, Pendragon
8-Reckless Express

Promo pack will be given as luck draw(depend on how many is the shop providing)
Other luck draw will be given like Wyvern Guard Guld,CEO and many others

The rules are AFA rules(for ppl who played in AFA)
- cards from other languages can be used as well
-Normal deck rules 50 cards,16 triggers,4 cards per copy, etc.
-3/4 Round Swiss
-1/8 Animestyle
-No changing of decks if spotted changing deck, you will be disqualified
-The judge decisions are final
-No 3 layer of sleeves are allow
-Bargcal CANNOT be used as the starting vg

How to get there:
Take the MRT to Yishun Station then go to the bus interchange and take either 800/804 and drop of at the 3rd stop,u should be able to see the shop once u cross the road
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Vanguard Tourney
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